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Date: October 4th 2017

"Best Time By A Dam Site"



Saturday October 28th

Halloween Party
Music by Sound Bite
9pm until 1am

Sunday October 29th

Blues for Vets
Pig Roast
Music by:
Gordon James Blues Band
And FX Project


All bands play from 9pm-1am

October 7th Government Cheese
October 14th  Crows Run
October 13th Karaoke w/Marty Stewart
October 21st Karaoke w/Marty Stewart
October 28th Sound Bite

What’s Cookin’

Home Cooking every Wednesday Night from 6-11pm

October 4th Chicken & Biscuits
October 11th Smoked Pork Loin
October 18th Bow Ties, Sausage & Greens
October 25th B.B.Q Sampler

Don't forget about our weekly specials:

Monday is Italian Night

Tuesday is Taco Night

Thursday is Grillin' & Chillin' - Steak or Chop - Weather Permitting

Thursday 26th is the return of Pizza Night

Fish Specials every Friday

BBQ Brisket & Pulled Pork Every Saturday

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