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Date: December 1st 2016

"Best Time By A Dam Site"



All bands play from 9pm-1am

December 2nd &3rdh North of 40
December 9th & 10th Sound Bite
December 16th  Karaoke w/Marty Stewart
December17th Side Effects

What’s Cookin’

Home Cooking every Wednesday Night from 6-11pm

December 7th Swiss Steak
December 14th Bow Ties, Sausage & Greens
December 21st Chicken & Biscuits
December 28th B.B.Q. Sampler

Enjoy some Holiday Cheer with friends at the Clark House

Don't forget about our weekly specials:

Monday is Italian Night, Spaghetti or Chicken Parmesan

Tuesday is Mexican Night

Thursday is PIZZA NIGHT

Fish every Friday

Southern Fried Chicken Every Saturday

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